Mobile phones are a huge part of this generation. Almost out of 24 hours a day a person spends at least half the amount on their mobile phones. If we look into the statistics, then an average person spends four hours every day on their devices.

From smartphone to a camera phone, there are a load ton of choices that a person can get when they go to a mobile store. The choices are innumerable and the types are limited. So, if you also don’t have any idea about what really to choose from and what is the best buy then keep on reading to find out about the types of mobile phones in the market. By understanding the type, you will spend less time choosing and more time exploring the phone that is the best fit for you.


A smartphone is a device that features multimedia functionality, text messaging, voice calling and web browsing over the mobile broadband. It is a phone that is currently being used by almost everyone. It is a phone that basically does all the works well and doesn’t give us a moment to complain. Being one of the most used phones in the world, smartphones are wide, thin and are great for carrying anywhere.

Feature Phone:

A feature phone is a type of mobile phones that consists of basic multimedia, internet services, text messaging and voice calling functionalities. It is a phone that is budget-friendly and is good for people who wants a phone just for basic needs and not for everything. All in all a good example for feature phones can be Nokia 3310 Dual SIM and Samsung Guru Plus B110E.

Kosher Phone:

A Kosher phone is a type of mobile phones that is best suited for your children who go to school and still needs a communication device for basic needs. A Kosher phone is a restricted phone where you can’t access the internet, send text messages and take photographs. It is a phone where you can only call a few numbers that are present on your phone. Kosher phones are restricted phones that have rabbinical approval to use by observant Orthodox Jews.

Well, after gaining the knowledge about the different types of mobile phones in the market, if you’re looking for some information regarding mobile phones or looking for some best budget android phones in general then head over to the next article. Pretty sure the list of top 5 best budget phones will help you with your next purchase.


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